Cuvée Marie Vallis Rufus 2013

Red dry wine

First NSA* wine in Slovakia

Tasting notes:

Relatively dense currant wine-red color with a dominant fruity aroma, which can be found in the notes of ripe stone fruit. The taste is elegant and fresh, juicy fruit evokes. Wine works comprehensively, feel a strong minerality and strong acids. The wine has a smoother flavor the longer it is decanted, respectively left to breathe in an open bottle.

Recommendation of consumption:

We recommended to be given at 18 -20 ° C to various modifications veal or hard to the maturing cheese.

Cuvée Marie Vallis Rufus 2014

Properties of a wine and vineyard:

Contains SO2 16,8 mg/l
Date of Bottling 10. Aug 2014
Residual sugar 0,03 g/l
Acidity 7,87 g/l
Alcohol 13,09% vol.
Maturity 10 - 12 years
Collection Manual collection
Volume 0,75 l

* NSA - Non Suplhite Added

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