Frankovka modrá 2013

Red dry wine

First NSA* wine in Slovakia

Tasting notes:

Relatively dense wine plum-purple color with a decent fruity aroma dominated by ripe cherries and cherry. The taste is elegant and fresh, juicy fruit evokes. Wine is very light, pleasantly dry fruitiness dominated Dice. Wine works comprehensively, feel a strong minerality and fine acid. The wine has a smoother flavor the longer it is decanted, respectively left to breathe in an open bottle.

Recommendation of consumption:

We recommend administered by decantation at 18 -20 ° C to different presentations of red meat, especially the divine or beef tenderloin, as well as various kinds of hard cheese.

Strekovské Cuvée 2013

Properties of a wine and vineyard:

Total SO2 16,0 mg/l
Date of Bottling 10. Aug 2014
Residual sugar 0,02 g/l
Acidity -
Alcohol 11,18% vol.
Maturity 10, 12 years
Collection Manual collection
Volume 0,75 l

* NSA - Non Suplhite Added

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