Strekovské Cuvée 2013

Red dry wine

First NSA* wine in Slovakia

Tasting notes:

Relatively thick and full bodied wine of dark ruby color with fruity smell with traces of cinnamon and oriental spices. Taste is decent yet spicy, however still mantaining its freshness and fruitiness. Wine has complex appearance, with stronger minerality and acidity. The wine has a smoother flavor the longer it is decanted, respectively left to breathe in an open bottle.

Recommendation of consumption:

We advise serving at the temperatue 18 -20 *C to different preparations of veal, maturing cheese, or vegetable salads.

Strekovské Cuvée 2013

Properties of a wine and vineyard:

Total SO2 16,0 mg/l
Date of Bottling 10. Aug 2014
Residual sugar 0,07 g/l
Acidity 9,30 g/l
Alcohol 11,25% vol.
Maturity 10, 12 years
Collection Manual collection
Volume 0,75 l

* NSA - Non Suplhite Added

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