Cuvée Marie Vallis Rufus 2015

Red dry wine

Tasting notes:

A lighter wine of a purple-red color and a distinctive fruity aroma with ripe malinois and cherries undertones. The taste is elegant and fresh, evoking fruit juices. The wine works easily and non-violently, distinct acids can be felt. The longer wine is decanted, the more delicious it tastes., leave it in an open bottle.


30% Saint Laurent + 30% Andrèe + 30% Zweigelt + 10% Frankovka modrá

Recommendation of consumption:

It is recommended to serve at various temperatures between 18 and 20 °C with the tuskers or moldy ripening cheese. This wine is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Cuvée Marie Vallis Rufus 2015

Properties of a wine and vineyard:

Total SO2 53,7 mg/l
Free SO2 8,9 mg/l
Date of Bottling 14. Nov 2016
Sugar Content of Grapes 21,5 °NM
pH (20 °C) 3,35
Residual sugar 0,25 g/l
Acidity 7,7 g/l
Alcohol 12,4% vol.
Maturity 8-10 years
Terroir Valley Lady
Age of the wineyard 37 years
Soil clay-limestone, strongly alkaline soil
Exposure southwest
Height above sea level 213 m
Load 8 hl/ha
Collection Manual collection
Volume 0,75 l

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